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I find right there from the raps hey welcome back to from the wrists a big will Johnson cargo lair and today we're going to be discussing how to make a character now we've noticed on the boards a lot of you guys like a how do you make a good character or what are the steps that go into making a proper character the Palladium system well we're gonna go what step forth further we're going to not only show you how to make a proper palladium character in a risk setting but we're also going to show you guys how we actually do we play our own personal games because we do actually play these games yeah because basically a lot of people use their own home version of how to do whatever and we're no different even though I write for them I know what the real way is things are supposed to be done we still have a way that we've been using for ages yet because we like the little more epic little more powerful characters we generally just do a certain things in just in case there are some like purist out there like what well you know this is the confident Kevin encourages actually yeah you know I even in Kevin's own game he does a couple things different than what's in the book I can tell you cuz I played with them I guess the best way to describe the rules just in general before we get started is that palladium is kind of a it's like the skeletal structure for will become a nice a fully developed game so keep in mind if we're explaining some of this stuff yeah okay so first thing when you want to make a character you need an idea of what you want the thing with palladium riffs specific especially because there are so many choices you can make is that one of the best ways to do it is to figure out the kind of character you want first I usually do that even before I figure an OCC or anything so if I want to play a mage then I'm like okay I want to play mage I don't want to be a human major you know a lot of the races have some special advantages so okay I want to be some DB then I think of the kind of DB I want to be do I want to look sort of human so I can kind of pass in human society or do I just want to be some weird alien thing that has as most powers I can get either one has advantages I usually play the fairly human looking one because it is a role-playing game there's a society and all that even though I'm a bit of a power gamer I still don't want my character getting shot in the back because he looks like some monsters thing a bit a bit a bit okay um the other dimension is I mean you should also before you're studying your character as Carmen mentioned you should consider your race and you know how you're going to look at cetera the oh you want to consider to have a bit of a backstory in mind I'm not saying you have to write a novel but where's your character come from what's the motivation we mentioned this before in the GM yeah it gives the GM video how to GM or what have you um it's important because it'll give you a flavor for how you want to make...